Upper West Collection kein Nebel Dusche Spiegel mit rotierenden, Sperren Saugnapf | Einstellbare Arm für einfache Positionierung – 1 Stück

Why should you shave in the shower? Because doing so opens your pores, ensuring a closer, cleaner, quicker shave with significantly easier cleanup

Congratulations! You can end your lifelong search to find a ‚fog free‘ shaving mirror that ACTUALLY REPELS FOG without constantly having to treat it with solutions. Simply splash the shower mirror with hot, soapy water when you get in and it will remain fog free the entire shower.

Fog occurs because there are significant temperature differences on front and back. The problem with mirrors anchored to a wall is that the hot air cannot get to the back of the mirror, which causes condensation on the front. Our extended 360° arm allows the front and back of the mirror to be warmed evenly, repelling fog.

The mirror has a 5.75 viewable screen and affixes to any clean, flat surface of 3 x3 .

Use the locking suction cup to ensure the mirror will stick and not slide or move without having to worry about messy silicone or glues that prevent anyone from moving the mirror to better suit their preferences.

The adjustable swivel arm of the mirror allows you to position the mirror in places most others do not. Letting you get the mirror noticeably closer to you for a much easier, cleaner shave.

Note: This mirror only works with flat surfaces such as marble, ceramic, enamel, acrylic, porcelain, and fiberglass. This will not stick to most surfaces with drywall, stucco, or any other textured type of wall (such as many travertine stones). Please inspect your shower wall’s texture before purchasing.BEST FOGLESS MIRROR AVAILABLE Among top rated, top selling, and most wished for shower mirrors on Amazon. This is the gift you need to buy for any man in your life!
TRULY FOG FREE No need to constantly treat your mirrors with fog free spray, or rinse them multiple times per shower. Merely splash with hot, soapy water once during each shower.
UNIQUE FLEXIBLE ARM Rotates 360° for adjustable angles allowing you to position the mirror closer to you in the shower.
COMES WITH FREE BONUS RAZOR HOLDER Position separate razor holder wherever you want; including attaching it to the mirror itself.

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